Get Involved: Cancer Nanomedicine Co-ops for Undergraduate Research Experience

Interested in learning how nanomedicine is used to detect and treat cancer? Want to get involved in developing new nanotechnologies for the clinic? We are looking to match undergrads at Northeastern University with leading Boston researchers and clinicians for a six-month, hands-on research experience.  If you are thinking about a career in cancer science, engineering, or medicine, come get involved in the world’s first undergraduate program in cancer nanomedicine!  We will be accepting applications for the January-June 2017 co-op period starting this September.  In the meantime, come see our trainees present their research at the CaNCURE Nanomedicine Day on June 23!

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Mentor Spotlight

Rajiv Gupta, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Radiologist, MGH

Our lab is developing a prototype CT system, based on X-ray phases, which we expect to enable the visualization of normal and cancerous soft tissues in unprecedented detail. Students will parallel this effort by aiding in the development and optimization of tumor-targeted nanoparticles as CT contrast agents.

John Quackenbush, Ph.D.

Professor of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, DFCI

Our group collects and analyzes cancer genomic data, integrating it with multiple types of ‘omic data, including miRNA and mRNA expression in order to build predictive systems biology models. Students will help develop a model describing cancer response to nanoparticle-based drug treatments.

Trainee Spotlight

Zachary Silber

Health Science, '17

Combined delivery of targeted liposomal chemotherapeutics and photodynamic therapy to treat pancreatic cancer

Meghan Jastrzembski

Health Sciences, '17

Investigating the use of iron chelator deferoxamine (DFO)-bearing PEG-like nanoprobes as a multifunctional agent for cancer therapy and PET imaging

Lucas Rohrer

Health Sciences, '17

Digital diffraction diagnostics for lymphoma and HPV

CaNCURE Nanomedicine Day


The CaNCURE Team would like to send out a congratulations to our first 15 trainees who completed the CaNCURE co-op this June! We were so proud to see all your accomplishments showcased at our first annual CaNCURE Nanomedicine Day and to learn that for many of you, this co-op was a career-defining experience. And a big thanks to news@Northeastern for providing press coverage for this great event! Read more…

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