CaNCURE Co-op Showcase

dsc_9827dsc_9836-1The CaNCURE Team would like to send out a congratulations to the 8 trainees who completed their CaNCURE co-op this December! We were so proud to see all your accomplishments at our second annual CaNCURE Co-op Showcase and to learn that for many of you, this co-op was a career-defining experience!




Upcoming Events

Innovation and Design of Medical Devices

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Justin Chickles, CEO, Mobile Sense Technologies

121 Snell Library -- NEU, 4:00 PM

Mentor Spotlight

Peter Caravan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in Radiology, HMS

My research broadly encompasses the design, synthesis, and application of molecular and nanoparticle-based imaging probes for detecting disease and monitoring treatment response. Students will help develop and study magnetic resonance, computed tomography, or positron emitting probes for imaging cancer.

Jeffrey M Karp, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Medicine, HMS, BWH

The Karp lab has developed biocompatible polymer-based biomaterials with strongly adhesive nano-texture that have the ability to conform to irregular-shaped surfaces. Students will study self-assembled hydrogels loaded with pro-drug as a controlled delivery system for treatment of brain tumors.

Trainee Spotlight

Ann Marie Billig

Health Science, '18

miRNA analysis of up regulated miRNA-645 and miRNA-1290 in mouse orthotropic 4t1 model of metastatic breast cancer

Chris Li

Health Science, '18

The Assessment and Comparison of Ferumoxtran as Contrast Imaging Agent in Patients with Pancreatic Cancers.

Brian Cortese

Biochemistry, '19

Development of PSMA-targeting nanoparticles for positron emitting tomography imaging in prostate cancer using animal models

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