Job Description

Interested in learning how nanomedicine is used to detect and treat cancer? Want to get involved in developing new nanotechnologies for the clinic? We are looking for 7-8 highly motivated students to participate in the CaNCURE program. Participants will be matched with one of 35 leading Boston researchers and clinicians for a mentored, hands-on research experience in cancer nanomedicine. Participants will also be provided opportunities to network with world experts in the field, attend specialized workshops and seminars, present at scientific conferences, and receive career advising. If you are seriously thinking about a career in cancer research or cancer medicine, don’t miss this chance to get involved in the world’s first undergraduate program in cancer nanomedicine!

We will be hosting info sessions at the start of each semester.  Check the homepage for times and dates. Applications should be submitted through NUcareers.

The CaNCURE Experience

Trainees will perform full-time research for six months in the laboratory of a CaNCURE mentor. Specialized workshops, seminars, and continuing education activities round out each trainee’s research experience. Key components of the CaNCURE program include:

  • Mentoring by a world leader in cancer nanomedicine
  • Hypothesis-driven research within an NCI-funded laboratory
  • Problem-solving as part of team with graduate students and post-docs
  • Team-building through participation in lab meetings, CaNCURE orientation, & workshops
  • Networking with invited guest speakers
  • Presentation of research findings at local and national conferences


Northeastern University who have completed at least one co-op (or equivalent research experience) are eligible for the CaNCURE program. Participants will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Interest in cancer research, with a focus on cancer nanomedicine
  2. Academic and outreach achievements
  3. Recommendation from co-op mentor or STEM course instructor

Participants will be matched with a CaNCURE mentor for a hands-on research co-op experience, for which they will receive a $6000 stipend. The stipend will be paid over the middle 4 months of co-op (Aug-Nov or Feb-May). Applicants must U.S. citizens or permanent residents.  Women and underrepresented minorities are encouraged to apply.

Program requirements:

CaNCURE participants will complete one co-op, during which they are expected to work for 40 hours/wk for 6 months. Additionally, all participants are required to attend the NEU Nanomedicine Seminar Series for at least one semester. Trainees will be provided with an orientation prior to their co-op to become familiar with important concepts in cancer nanomedicine. During their co-op, students will maintain an e-Portfolio to track their accomplishments. After completion of their co-op, participants will present their research at the annual CaNCURE day in order to showcase the program and its activities to the wider community. Opportunities for continuing education and professional development will be provided throughout the year.  Students are also encouraged to enroll in Nanomedicine courses including NNMD 5270, NNMD 5370, NNMD 5470, NNMD 5272, or NNMD 5474 following the completion of their co-op. Funding is also available for participants to attend local and national conferences in order to present the results of their research.

We are now accepting applications for Spring 2017.  Interested students should consult submitted through NUcareers to view the full job description and download the application.  Applications are due Monday, October 17, 2016.