Ann Marie Billig

Health Science, '18


miRNA analysis of up regulated miRNA-645 and miRNA-1290 in mouse orthotropic 4t1 model of metastatic breast cancer

Mentor: Zdravka Medarova, PhD (MGH)

We will grow an orthotropic 4t1 model of metastatic breast cancer in balb/c female mice. At about 3 weeks post tumor cell injection, the mice will be imaged using IVIS optical imaging to confirm metastasis in multiple organs, primarily lung metastasis. The metastatic lesions and primary tumors will then be surgically removed and small RNA was extracted from the cancerous tissues. A global miRNA analysis will then be performed to look for miRNA uniformly up regulated in the metastatic lesions relative to the primary tumors. MiR-645 and miR-1290 are expected to be commonly overexpressed miRNAS.

Metastases of mice with human breast cancer cell 4t1 were imaged using IVIS optical imaging three weeks post cell injection. Luciferase was used as reporter to visualize the tumors. Luciferase is a gene expressed in tumor cells that interacts with a luciferin substrate that is injected into the mice prior to imaging. This interaction produces the light that is picked up by IVIS. Region of Interest (ROI) values designates the borders of the tumors Source: