CaNCURE Co-op Showcase

dsc_9827dsc_9836-1The CaNCURE Team would like to send out a congratulations to the 8 trainees who completed their CaNCURE co-op this December! We were so proud to see all your accomplishments at our second annual CaNCURE Co-op Showcase and to learn that for many of you, this co-op was a career-defining experience!




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Mentor Spotlight

Georges El Fakhri, Ph.D.

Professor of Radiology, HMS

The El Fakhri lab has pioneered novel approaches for quantitative SPECT and PET, and the objective assessment of oncologic images. Students will use quantitative methods to characterize and optimize the analysis of experimental nanoparticle-based imaging agents used in vivo.

Jin-Rong Zhou, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Surgery, HMS

Our lab studies the role of dietary/nutritional and natural bioactive compounds in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Students will compare oral and systemic administration of purified nanoparticle formulations of black tea components for their ability to inhibit prostate cancer progression to androgen-independence.

Trainee Spotlight

Ann Marie Billig

Health Science, '18

miRNA analysis in mouse model of metastatic breast cancer. (Proj 2) The inhibition of PD-L1 on a Pan02 cell line w/ siRNA-nanodrug & gemcitabine treatment

John Berrigan

Health Science, '18

Use of a Triblock Copolymer Hydrogel for Controlled Release of Cisplatin and BMN-673

Chris Li

Health Science, '18

The Assessment and Comparison of Ferumoxtran as Contrast Imaging Agent in Patients with Pancreatic Cancers.

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