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Interested in learning how nanomedicine is used to detect and treat cancer? Want to get involved in developing new nanotechnologies for the clinic? We are looking to match undergrads at Northeastern University with leading Boston researchers and clinicians for a six-month, hands-on research experience.  If you are thinking about a career in cancer science, engineering, or medicine, come get involved in the world’s first undergraduate program in cancer nanomedicine!  We have 8 upcoming openings for the January – June 2018 co-op period.  We will be accepting applications starting in September 2017 via NUcareers.

CaNCURE Co-op Showcase

The CaNCURE Team would like to send out a congratulations to the 7 trainees who completed their CaNCURE co-op this June! We were so proud to see all your accomplishments at our third annual CaNCURE Nanomedicine Day and to learn that for many of you, this co-op was a career-defining experience!




Upcoming Events

Getting the most out of your mentors

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Anne L van de Ven, Department of Physics, Northeastern University

435 Egan -- NEU, 2:50 AM

Mentor Spotlight

James A DeCaprio, M.D.

Professor of Medicine,

Using targeted mouse models, our lab studies host cell proteins that interact with polyoma virus oncoproteins. Students will study host perturbations following the systemic administration of synthetic viral nano-complexes in order to identify novel tumor suppressors and oncogenes in Merkel cell carcinoma.

Ralph Weissleder, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Radiology, HMS

Our lab aims to use novel imaging and sensing techniques to measure major protein and network hubs of interest in a quantitative and predictive manner. Students will combine advanced microscopic imaging with systemically injectable nanoparticle-based sensors to perform quantitative single cell analysis of cancers during drug treatments in vivo.

Trainee Spotlight

Christina Flavin

Mechanical Engineering, '20

Ana Vazquez-Pagan

Biology, '19

Rachael Sverdlove

Biology, '19

Analysis of DREAM and E2F1 Competition for Cell Cycle Promoters during G1.

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