CaNCURE Co-op Day — December 14, 2015

Our first annual CaNCURE Co-op Day will be held on Monday, December 14  from 12:15 — 2:30pm!   Each of our current CaNCURE trainees will be presenting a poster as the culmination of their 6-month co-op research project.  We invite all CaNCURE mentors, laboratory staff, and fellow students  to join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our CaNCURE trainees!  Come for some or all of the event!

CaNCURE Co-op Day Agenda
12:15 – 2:30pm, 215 Shillman Hall


Srinivas Sridhar

Director, CaNCURE Co-op Program

Opening Remarks



Kevin Narang

Chemical Engineering, ’16

Optimization of macrophage-targeted nanoparticles for positron emission tomography imaging in cancer



Sarah Sherman

Biology/English, ’17

Pre-clinical Pilot Study of a Light Activated Doxorubicin Derivative



Noelle Castilla Ojo

Behavioral Neurosci, ’17

Localized chemo- and chemo-radiation for the treatment of prostate cancer



Grace Grifferty

Biochemistry, ’18

Identification of novel therapeutic targets of the Notch1 signaling pathway



Oliver Cervantes

Biology, ’16

Pre-surgical planning using a deformable anatomic template



Jennifer Hayashi

Behavioral Neurosci, ’17

Radiation enhancement in cancer cells using gold and gadolinium nanoparticles



Dena Guo

Physics, ’17

Longitudinal assessment of tumor heterogeneity during immunotherapy for metastatic melanoma


This event is sponsored by the CaNCURE Cancer Nanomedicine Co-op Program.  Institutions affiliated with this program include:

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Support for this event is provided by: