CaNCURE Co-op Showcase

Our second annual CaNCURE Co-op Showcase will feature talks and posters by the 2016 CaNCURE co-op students, all of whom have performed cutting edge nanomedicine research in laboratories across Boston.  We invite all faculty and students to join us on Dec 14 at Noon to celebrate the accomplishments of our Nanomedicine trainees!

No registration is necessary to attend.


CaNCURE Showcase Schedule

                                                      12:00pm  Hot lunch & Opening Remarks
12:15pm  Rowena Rajan

Optimization of intravital microscopy imaging of tumor microvasculature and nanoparticle accumulation in BALB/c nude mice

12:30pm  Muizz Zaman

Radiotherapeutic synergism of thermogelling cisplatin-loaded polymers for cervical cancer treatment

12:45pm  Annie Bryant

Assessing the reproducibility of MRI-based brain tumor measurements between both observers and MRI vendors

1:00pm  Connor Elkhill

Pelvic MR based Attenuation Correction in PET/MR integrated scanners


1:15pm  Deniz Ozisik

Biological mechanisms of gold nanoparticle-enhanced radiation therapy of prostate cancer

1:30pm  Alec Plotkin

Tyrosine kinase inhibitor nanoparticles exhibit increased uptake by macrophages

1:45pm  Thomas Hanlon

Towards Nanoparticle-aided Radiotherapy: Nanoparticle localization

2:00pm  Cicely Krebill

Ferumoxytol Uptake in Inflammation: Imaging atherosclerotic plaques in the aorta of cancer patients

                                                      2:15 pm   Certificates and Closing Remarks


This event is jointly sponsored by the CaNCURE Cancer Nanomedicine Co-op Program and the IGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology Program.  Institutions affiliated with these programs include:

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Support for this event is provided by: