Nanomedicine Today: Achievements and Challenges

Join us for an evening discussing the current state-of-the-art in nanomedicine, as well as the remaining opportunities and challenges in this field.

BaloghLajos (Lou) Balogh, PhD, is Editor-in-Chief of Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine journal published by Elsevier.  He is also the owner of AA Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology Consulting, a company that provides scientific guidance, feasibility assessment, and technology due diligence for investors and private enterprises in nanomedicine, nanobiotechnology, and nanotechnology.  Dr. Balogh has broad interdisciplinary experience in nanotechnology, chemistry, bioengineering, drug delivery, and cancer research. His research expertise involves general nanomedicine, targeted drug delivery, multifunctional contrast agents, and therapeutic materials; dendrimers and hybrid nanodevices. Dr. Balogh co-invented nanocomposites, photomechanical therapy and nanobrachytherapy; solved a number of synthetic, characterization, and purification problems for drugs, dendrimers, particles, and polymers. Dr. Balogh participates in the development of nanotechnology nomenclature, terminology, and standards as member of the US TC229 Technical Advisory Group to ISO on Nanotechnology.