Nanotoxicology: A Decade of Research in Perspective

This presentation will take us through an interesting decade of research in nanotoxicology. We will start with the excitement, promises and challenges posed by nanotechnology in the early 2000s. Drawing from the author’s personal experience with the first center/s for high rate nanomanufacturing, evolution of nanotoxicology as an interdisciplinary field will be presented through the lenses of human exposures to engineered nanomaterials (ENM), disease development in humans, disease mechanisms and predictive nanotoxicology. Nanomedicine and nanotoxicology are two sides of the same coin. They share similar goals and face common challenges. In this context, the presentation will focus specifically on nanoparticle exposure pathways, biokinetics and clearance of ENM from the lungs, GI tract, and skin, extrapulmonary translocation, novel diseases (if any and what they may look like), and the interface of ENM physico-chemical properties with biology (protein corona, dissolution, trafficking inside cells, etc.). We will also cover important concepts of dose, doe rate and dose metrics for ENM.  We conclude with a reflection on successes and failures in nanotoxicology, lessons learned, and the promise of the next generation of novel nanomaterials.