Best Practices for Start-up Companies founded with Academic Technology

Mark Tepper, President & Chief Scientific Officer, Corbus Pharmaceuticals

Come hear first-hand experiences from a serial entrepreneur and CEO — learn how to identify promising early-stage therapeutics, launch a company, build a commercial plan, raise money, and go public.  See how the role of CEO can vary widely from company to company depending on the needs of the business and technology.

2351012Mark A. Tepper, Ph.D., is an experienced entrepreneur & C-level biotech professional with a keen eye for identifying and commercializing early stage therapeutics and drug discovery assets. His specialty is identifying unique differentiated technologies and pharma assets and building a commercial plan and team around them. Over the last 12 years, he helped launch 5 biotechnology companies, and contributed directly to an additional 4 others. His successes have included RXi Pharmaceuticals (fka Araios, Inc.), NKT Therapeutics, and Corbus Pharmaceuticals.  Prior to his entrepreneurial activites, Dr. Tepper spent 15 years in Large Pharma-Biotech (Serono and BMS), where he led drug discovery and development programs from inception to clinical proof-of-concept. Over the years he played key roles as part of a larger drug development team that gained approval of 5 marketed Pharmaceutical products (Deoxyspergualin, Taxol, Rebif, Orcenia and Gonal-F). Dr. Tepper is particularly interested in cutting-edge drug discovery technologies and early stage preclinical and clinical assets in the areas of immunology, inflammation, tranplantation, autoimmune diseases, endocrinology, metabolic diseases, oncology, and pain.

Time & Location: 123 Snell Library, 3:30pm, February 20