“TetraScience, Inc.”: Data Platform for Life Science R&D

TetraScience is a data platform for life science R&D. Our mission is to foster a better relationship between scientists and executives and their scientific data. Our solutions include data integration and standardization with top instrument and software vendors. We provide solutions for data exchange with CROs and other external partners. Additionally, we provide lab operations solutions including lab monitoring via IoT technology, and browser-based lab scheduling software. We are trusted by life science companies both big and small—from startup biotechs to the largest pharma companies in the world—we work with those who treat data and science as one and the same. Come hear how we are enabling life science companies to automate their workflow, be more compliant and accelerate the time from insight to action

Dr. Salvatore (Sal) Savo is the Chief Customer Officer and co-founder of TetraScience. As CCO, he oversees Customer Success, Customer Support and Field Engineering. Prior to founding TetraScience in 2014, Sal spent 8 years in academia doing basic research on Matamaterials for THz and Optical applications and building solutions for remotely monitoring experiments. Sal’s first job after college was in the semiconductor industry at Micron Technology where he was a Big Data Analyst. Sal earned his PhD in Metamaterials from the University of Naples – Italy. His PhD scholarship was co-founded by Northeastern University, where he spent almost two years. He was also a postdoc at the University of Southampton in UK, at Boston College and at Harvard University.