The Application of Nanotechnology in Medicine

Nanotechnology, career possibilities, and future opportunities. Nanotechnologies represent an incredible, cutting-edge opportunity to treat a disease and increase an individual’s quality of life. Gallop research has found that people who focus on their unique strengths are more likely to be engaged in their jobs and enjoy success in life. The same is also true for small businesses. When a small business focuses on their unique strengths they are nearly ten times more likely to succeed. In this session, we will discuss translation. We will look at examples of how small businesses are translationally developing nanotechnology-based tools by examining the team-based approaches that they employ to successfully enter into the market place and, ultimately, impact medicine. We will also examine how this plays into your career. We will look at how you can employ a similar entrepreneurial-based approach to discover your unique strengths, hone in on your niche in life, and how that can translate into success for both you and others.