The Entrepreneur Journey to Building Cell and Gene Therapy Reagents

Quad Technologies is transforming cell and gene therapy bioprocessing. Developments in cell therapies such as CAR-T and TCR to treat difficult indications such as leukemia have been growing exponentially. The industry now has the first FDA approved cell therapies to eradicate pediatric leukemia and adult lymphoma. Manufacturing processes for these therapeutic products however, are onerous, poorly controlled, and antiquated. To address these critical challenges, we developed bio-manufacturing solutions based on a dissolvable hydrogel technology platform called QuickGel®. QuickGel provides a reproducible approach for controlled delivery of ligands to specific cell types critical to immuno-oncology and stimulate T cell activation and expansion. In addition, QuickGel offers rapid, simple, gentle, scalable and cost-effective approaches to the purification of multiple cell types. As a result, QuickGel creates a single solution that can be applied across a broad range of high-growth applications in life science research and bio-manufacturing processes.

Within the presentation, Sean Kevlahan co-founder of Quad Technologies, will illustrate the journey of developing reagents for the emerging cell and gene therapy market. Outlining how it all started, Sean will discuss the process of prototyping a novel polymer, understanding the user requirements, and building a platform technology across different application areas.