The Ingredients of Successful Startups: Advice from a Serial Entrepreneur

Regardless of the product or service, there are key factors shared by successful startups.  Gain the perspective of a serial entrepreneur who has brought multiple products to market.

laytonPamela Layton is the Executive Chairman of the Board of Bioarray. Prior to joining Bioarray, Mrs. Layton was the founder and CEO of Parcell Laboratories and was responsible for taking one of the first pure stem cell products from bench to bedside for use in spinal fusion surgeries. She holds multiple U.S. and European patents for the ELA cell and its therapeutic applications. Prior to founding Parcell Laboratories, she founded TriGuard Group LLC, a security information platform company that in conjunction with a subsidiary of ADT brought a novel internet-based alarm notification platform to market. Mrs. Layton holds the patent for the TriGuard Information Management Network. Prior to founding TriGuard Group, she spent seven years providing creative financing structures to domestic and international companies. Mrs. Layton serves as an advisor to entrepreneurial companies within and outside the U.S., mentors companies through the MIT Mentor Smart program, is a member of SBANE and judge for the SBANE Innovation Awards, and is a member of Launchpad and Sky Ventures.