Three Start-ups: Contrasts in Trajectories, Challenges and Business Models

My lecture and discussion will highlight three different life science start-ups where I was deeply engaged in building the businesses.   At the outset of the lecture, I will provide my background to give an overview of my skills and experiences and how they shaped my entrepreneurial interests.  During this introduction, I will provide key elements for entrepreneurs and inventors to consider as they contemplate entering the start-up world.

The three start-ups include a gene therapy company (one of the first, thirty years ago!) where I was hired by the CEO to develop the business plan, fund raise with the CEO and scientific founder, build out the operations and spearhead business development initiatives. The second company is a biologic tools company where I was the founding CEO starting the company out of the university and building it into a commercial organization over four years. I am currently incubating the third company as the founding CEO which is a therapeutics company based on a polymeric nanogel delivery platform.  During the lecture and discussion, I will highlight the different trajectories for each of these companies, the unique challenges each of them faced and the different business models used by each company. I will also highlight critical elements used in building these companies that are shared by all of them.