Tackling the Physiological Barriers for Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery

Sijumon Kunjachan is an Instructor in Radiation Oncology at Harvard Medical School and conducts research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Following a 6 yr.-Bachelor plus Master’s degree in Pharmacy, Dr. Kunjachan obtained a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine from RWTH-Aachen University in Germany. His research aims to understand and tackle fundamental issues that relate to suboptimal drug delivery and to devise novel tumor-targeted combination treatments to improve cancer therapy. Dr. Kunjachan’s experience in nanomedicine, noninvasive imaging (CT, FMT, US, MRI), and radiation therapy is utilized to identify and improve progression-free survival and cure in preclinical tumor models. His research findings are published in high-impact journals such as ACS Nano, Nano Letters, Chemical Rev, Advanced Drug Del Rev – to list a few. In addition to serving as an assigned editor for Clinical & Experimental Pharmacology, Dr. Kunjachan sits in the editorial board of four international journals and reviews for 40+ scientific journals, including Cancer Research, Nanoscale, Nano Research, Biomaterials, Theranostics and Journal of Controlled Release. He constantly reviews grants for international agencies such as the COST (EU) and NKFIH (Hungary) foundations. Dr. Kunjachan was twice-featured as a vodcast speaker at the Rad Res/ASTRO meetings, and is a recipient of several national/international awards (including the SIT, WMIC).