Northeastern University

Evaluation of implantable anti-cancer therapeutics for localized drug delivery

Bryanna Testino with Dr. Daniela M. Dinulescu (BWH)

I am working on a joint project between the Sridhar Lab at Northeastern University and the Dinulescu Lab at BWH in which I investigate the efficacy of novel therapeutic combinations with sustained PARP inhibitor (PARPi) release. A previous collaboration between the two labs showed that BRCA-mutant models of high-grade serous ovarian cancer are sensitive to PARPi, such as Talazoparib, but develop resistance over time. We hypothesize that sustained release of Talazoparib coupled with immunotherapy can prevent the development of resistance. To this end, I will test a biodegradable InCeRT spacer containing Talazoparib (developed by the Sridhar Lab) that can be directly implanted into the peritoneal cavity. For my project, I will compare oral and implant-based Talazoparib delivery individually and in combination with immunotherapy in syngenic immunocompetent models. Localized and sustained delivery of Talazoparib via the InCeRT spacer alone or with immunotherapy can potentially provide superior treatment outcomes with minimal toxicity to women with BRCA-deficient tumors.