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Georges El Fakhri, Ph.D.

Professor of Radiology
Harvard Medical School

Biography: Dr El Fakhri is a Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and the founding Director of the Endowed Gordon Center for Medical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He is also co-Director of the Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. Dr El Fakhri is an internationally recognized expert in quantitative molecular imaging (SPECT, PET-CT, and PET-MR). He has authored or co-authored over 200 papers, 15 patents and over 250 invited talks, and mentored over 90 students, post-docs and faculty. He has received many awards and honors, including the Mark Tetalman Award from the Society of Nuclear Medicine, the Dana Foundation Brain and Immuno-Imaging Award, the Howard Hughes Medical Institutes Training Innovation Award (3 awarded in the US). He was elected Fellow to the IEEE and the AAPM.

Research and Expertise: The El Fakhri lab focuses on a variety of subjects including kinetic modeling of neurotransmission, cardiac perfusion and mitochondrial function, simultaneous PET-MR imaging, in-room PET-CT monitoring of proton therapy, high sensitivity/resolution brain imaging, quantitative dual tracer PET-CT and SPECT-CT, and objective assessment of image quality for estimation and detection tasks. Some areas of interest are: Quantitative PET/SPECT, Quantitative PET-MR Imaging, Monitoring Radiotherapy with PET, Image Generation and Clinical task-based Image Assessment, Pharmaco-kinetic modeling, PET-CT & SPECT Instrumentation, and Multifunctional Nanomaterials in Biology (MNB).