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Faculty Mentors

G Mike Makrigiorgos, Ph.D.

Professor of Radiation Oncology
Harvard Medical School

Biography: Dr. Makrigiorgos is Professor and Director of the Medical Physics and Biophysics Division of the combined Radiation Oncology Department at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women’s and Children’s Hospitals, at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. He is also Director of the DNA technology laboratory and the radiation pre-clinical facility. He is a Member of the Editorial Board of Clinical Chemistry and has published over 100 articles, reviews and book chapters. His research interests include radiation measurement and dosimetry at the cellular, sub-cellular and molecular levels; and also the development of novel DNA technologies for molecular diagnostics with application in Oncology. He is the inventor of several novel PCR-based techniques for molecular diagnostics, including Balanced-PCR, COLD-PCR and NaME-PrO technologies.

Research and Expertise: Our research focuses on the development of technologies for detecting tumor-circulating biomarkers in the blood, ‘liquid biopsies’. We apply nano-bead-based approaches for DNA molecular diagnostics, PCR-based detection of DNA alterations, as well as the enrichment and identification of cancer biomarkers from blood-circulating DNA/RNA. We also combine site-specific image-guided irradiation with nanoparticle based approaches for enhancing detection of circulating biomarkers via ‘liquid biopsy’. Students will combine the latest developments in cancer biomarker detection, and cancer genome sequencing with PCR technology and nano-technology.