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Robert N Hanson, Ph.D.

Matthews Distinguished University Professor
Northeastern University


Biography: I am an academic bioorganic/medicinal chemist with ~40 years of experience in drug design, synthesis and evaluation. Following a PhD in organic chemistry at UCC Berkeley (Advisor-Henry Rapoport) I did my NIH postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Minnesota in medicinal chemistry (Philip Portoghese), followed by 4 years as a joint appointment between Harvard Medical School (Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine) and Northeastern University (College of Pharmacy). I rose through the ranks to full professor of medicinal chemistry and transferred to the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology in 1999 where I am currently Matthews Distinguished University Professor.

Research and Expertise: My research interests focus on the design, synthesis and evaluation of compounds of biological and biomedical interest. In particular, my group examines drug receptor interactions with radioactive (PET/SPECT)and nonradioactive (fluorescent) probes, the use of small molecules to target drug delivery, and the selective functionalization of nanoparticles (nanomedicinal chemistry). My major contributions to the field include development of the radiohalodestannylation methodogy and Ioaltropane (NAV5001) - a noninvasive imaging agent for Parkinson’s Disease and currently in Phase III clinical trials. Over the past 5 years my research group has focused on the development of precursors for imaging endocrine dependent cancers (estrogen receptor and EGFR expressing) as well as Alzheimer’s Disease.