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Faculty Mentors

Srinivas Sridhar, Ph.D.

Professor of Physics, BioEng, & ChemEng
Northeastern University

Director, NSF IGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology Center
Northeastern University

Biography: Srinivas Sridhar is Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Physics, Biomedical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University, and Lecturer on Radiation Oncology, Harvard Medical School. He is the Director and Principal Investigator of Nanomedicine Science and Technology, an IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training) program funded by the National Science Foundation. He is founding director of the Electronic Materials Research Institute at Northeastern University, and Director of the Indo US Center for Nanomedicines for Head and Neck Cancer. He has published more than 175 articles on his work in nanomedicine, neurotechnology, nanophotonics, metamaterials, quantum chaos, superconductivity and collective excitations in materials.

Research and Expertise: I have focused my attention on developing nanoplatforms and associated technologies to address key challenges in cancer diagnosis and therapy. The research projects include development of nanoplatforms for PARP inhibitors, optical imaging, magnetic nanoplatforms for targeting, imaging and localized energy delivery, nanoporous coatings for implants and fiducials in image guided radiation therapy, and development of a nanotemplate for the brain- machine interface. As Director of the Electronic Materials Research Institute at Northeastern University, I have established a Nanomedicine Core facility for complete characterization of nanoparticle formulations. My laboratory has extensive capabilities for preparing and characterizing a variety of nanoplatforms including polymeric, metallic and magnetic nanoparticles, liposomes, micelles, and surface nanostructures.