Nanomedicine PhD training program reports unprecedented success!

A recent report published by the leadership of the CaNCURE team, “Essential components of a successful doctoral program in nanomedicine“, attests to the ability of Northeastern University to provide education and training in nanomedicine.

The IGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology Program is a unique interdisciplinary graduate education program that combines experiential research, didactic learning, networking, and outreach. Students are taught how to apply nanoscience and nanotechnology to problems in medicine, translate basic research to the development of marketable products, negotiate ethical and social issues related to nanomedicine, and develop a strong sense of community involvement within a global perspective.  Participants in this 2-year interdisciplinary program receive hands-on training and mentoring in nanomedicine while continuing to acquire deep knowledge in their chosen doctoral field.

Since 2006, the program has recruited 50 doctoral students from ten traditional STEM disciplines. Remarkably, 89% of students graduating with a specialization in nanomedicine have continued on to careers in the health care sector.  Of these, 43% are performing research or developing products in nanomedicine.  “Nearly every graduate we tracked has chosen a career in health care, even though many of their degree programs are not considered traditional feeders for this sector,” stated Dr. Anne L. van de Ven. “For so many of our graduates to stay with nanomedicine is really encouraging, it speaks to how well our training and mentorship model was designed.”

Each trainee received mentoring from two or more individuals, including faculty members outside the student’s home department and faculty members at other academic institutions, and/or clinicians. Both students and faculty members reported a significant increase in interdisciplinary scholarly activities, including publications, presentations, and funded research proposals, as a direct result of the program.

To read more about key elements of the program, how they were implemented, and metrics of success, download the full article here.

posted in: News Sunday, March 7, 2021 6:45 AM