Northeastern University


Behavioral Neuroscience, '25

Sustained Release Talazoparid for Treatment of BRCA1 Deficient Breast Cancer

Mentor: Srinivas Sridhar, Ph.D.

Institution: Northeastern Univerisity

The research in Dr. Sri’s lab begins with the use of Talazoparib, which is a PARP inhibitor that can reduce the lethality of a tumor with germline Brca1/2 mutations.The research is based on being able to deliver the form of the implant for localized and sustained release of the drug at the site of the tumor. These spacers were able to be created by using PLGA solution in chloroform. In the research, the TLZ-spacers were cut to certain lengths with specific pH and used with a mimic biological tumor. The total of the drug released and the spacer was determined overtime. With the use of cell culture, I was able to switch the media for the cells, since there was a big growth of them within the dish. With the use of TRP, this chemical is able to break the anchor proteins that the cells create to stick to the surface. Our goal is to illustrate that the use of Talazoparib implants show growth inhibition of a tumor.