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Nicholas LoRocco

Biochemistry, '20


Quantitative Multimodal Imaging of Tumor Response to Radiation

Mentor: Srinivas Sridhar, PhD (Northeastern University)

The treatment of tumors with radiation leads to several unintended consequences which researchers today make use of, such as changes in tumor permeability, perfusion, and treatment response. This effect in particular is of great concern to researchers hoping to study the accumulation and retention of nanoparticles for use in both therapy and imaging. My research combines intravital microscopy and quantitative ultrashort time to echo contrast enhanced (QUTE-CE) MRI, a positive contrast technique using superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION), to characterize tumor vascular architecture and transport. Using brain, lung, and prostate cancer models, images will be acquired longitudinally, before and after radiation treatment, in order to quantify treatment-induced changes in tumor permeability, perfusion, and nanoparticle accumulation. This multimodal imaging will allow for a multifaceted and in-depth analysis of how radiation can be used to strategically improve nanoparticle based therapies.