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Nayoon "Julie" Kim

Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry, '21


Codelivery of tumor suppressor mRNA and anti-cancer drug in cancer treatment

Mentor: Junjun Shi, PhD (Brigham and Women's Hospital)

Dr. Shi’s lab utilizes novel nanoparticles to deliver mRNA to cancer cells. mRNA is a negatively charged, single-stranded, and degradable nucleotide that was traditionally considered not chemically stable enough to be delivered to cancer cells through the blood stream. Addressing this issue, RNA molecules were encapsulated in novel lipid nanoparticles that can deliver them intact to cancer cells. By co-delivering mRNA that can increase the protein that induces apoptosis of cancer cells and anti-cancer drug, the therapeutic effect can be maximized.

Self-assembled polymer-lipid hybrid mRNA nanoparticles. Nature Biomedical Engineering.volume 2, pages850–864 (2018) Source: