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Jeremy Thong

Nursing, '16


Combined Cisplatin and Olaparib nanoparticles for ovarian cancer therapy

Mentor: Daniela Dinulescu, PhD (Brigham and Women's Hospital)

In a collaboration between the Sridhar lab at Northeastern University and the Dinulescu lab at Brigham and Women's Hospital, we hope to use a novel nanoparticle to specifically deliver a combined chemotherapy of platinum containing anti-cancer agent, cisplatin, and poly ADP ribose polymerase (PARP) inhibitor, olaparib, to ovarian tumors. Utilizing the properties of tumor vasculature and nanotechnology we aim for a more targeted delivery than freely administered chemotherapy and ultimately increased efficacy and reduced toxicity from treatment. The cisplatin and olaparib are being used together for a synergistic effect to increase efficacy while using decreased drug dosages. This combination nanoformulation will be tested first on ovarian cancer cell lines and then on genetically engineered mice with ovarian cancer.

The nanoformulation of combined cisplatin and olaparib takes advantage of the tumor "leaky" vasculature and stays intact until it reaches the lower pH of the tumor environment. Both mechanisms lead to advanced specificity and reduced toxicity. Source: