Opportunities for more research experience & training


Over 50% of our trainees have continued to perform research in their CaNCURE lab after completing their co-op.  These trainees have successfully earned course credits toward Senior Capstone, Directed Studies, and Honors Senior Thesis courses.

Courses available

All CaNCURE trainees also have the opportunity to continue their cancer nanomedicine education by participating in a variety of one-of-a-kind courses at NEU.  These courses can be completed for credit in addition to our year-round scientific seminars and professional development activities offered through the CaNCURE program.
NNMD 4991: Nanomedicine Research

Offers an opportunity to conduct research under faculty supervision. (Fall & Spring, 1-4 SH).

NNMD 5272 and 5274: Nanomedicine Seminar Series

This year-round seminar series presents scientific findings and innovations in the field of nanomedicine by leading researchers and clinicians.  CaNCURE trainees are provided with the opportunity to directly interact with guest speakers (either in person or via live web interface) to further learn about challenges and opportunities in nanomedicine (Fall & Spring, 1 SH).  See examples of previous events…

NNMD 5270: Introduction to Nanomedicine Science and Technology

This course introduces science and engineering concepts important in nanomedicine. Through a combination of lectures and symposia, students are taught fundamentals of nanotechnology, followed by first-hand accounts of how these concepts can be applied to problems in medicine (Fall, 3 SH).  See the syllabus

NNMD 5370: Nanomedicine Research Techniques

This course provides students with an in-depth look at nanomedicine theory, research methods, and instrumentation.   Students gain hands-on experience in a wide range of laboratory techniques including nanoparticle synthesis, electron microscopy, spectroscopy, optical microscopy, MRI, HLPC, and more. (Spring, 4 SH).  See the syllabus

NNMD 5470: Bio- and Nanomedical Commercialization: From Concept To Market

Learn how to take ideas in nanomedicine, nanotechnology, and pharmaceutical sciences from concept to market. This course features weekly talks by venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and regulatory officials. Fundamental concepts for market evaluation, raising capital, protecting intellectual property, and building a thriving business are introduced.  Specialized topics including the FDA regulatory process and clinical trials are also covered (Spring, 3 SH). See the syllabus