Northeastern University


Behavioral Neuroscience, '23

Effectiveness of Ferumoxytol for the Detection of Pancreatic and Hepatic Masses in CT and MR Imaging

Mentor: Mukesh Harisinghani, M.D.

Institution: Massachusetts General Hospital

In my research, I will be looking at a retrospective set of data from 10 to 15 patients who were
either imaged with ferumoxytol after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer or a
gadolinium-based contrast agent. Ferumoxytol is an iron oxide nanoparticle with a carbohydrate
coating that is being investigated for more mainstream use as an intravenous contrast agent in
magnetic resonance imaging. Gadolinium is a more traditional intravenous contrast agent, but
GBCAs can cause gadolinium toxicity and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis when used in patients
with kidney issues. The data will be analyzed to determine whether ferumoxytol was just as, if
not more, effective than GBCAs at detecting pancreatic and hepatic masses in patients. I will
also be assisting on a separate project investigating if ferumoxytol can be used to differentiate
between different types of pancreatic and hepatic masses in MR imaging and on a separate
project investigating the long-term effects of GBCAs on cognition and mental status in patients.
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